Hypnotherapy And Meditation

Hypnotherapy And Meditation

Hypnosis and Meditation both focusing one’s attention on the inner reality and inner self of the individual. This focus has many benefits.

Why are hypnotherapy and meditation good for you?

This is because both hypnotherapy and meditation are techniques that can go beyond the conscious mind and act directly on the unconscious mind. When a person suffers from an anxiety disorder, a social anxiety disorder or suffers from depression, this is caused by one or more problems that are very often not immediately recognised by the patient.

This is because the root causes of the malaise are very often related to traumas (sometimes even childhood traumas) that have been removed from the conscious mind. Since the trauma exists, but at an unconscious level, the person suffers and tries to solve the external problem (anxiety, depression, etc…) but is unable to identify the deep cause.

Thanks to these two techniques, hypnotherapy and deep meditation, it is possible to work directly on the unconscious part of one’s mind to solve the problems.


The subconscious mind contains all our beliefs about ourselves, others and the world. These beliefs are often referred to as empowering (beliefs that benefit us and make us feel good) and limiting (beliefs that limit our growth and make us feel bad). Through hypnotherapy and meditation it is also possible to work on these beliefs in order to “install” empowering beliefs in our subconscious mind.

A limiting belief might be: ‘I am not loved by anyone’. With the techniques we are talking about, it is possible to override this belief with a positive one, ‘I am loved and appreciated’.

Beliefs are extremely important in our lives as they determine our results in every field (work, friendships, love, etc.).

If a person believes that he or she is not appreciated and loved by anyone, he or she will continue to act (unconsciously) in order to reconfirm this belief and this will obviously produce results that will reconfirm the belief.

Going to work on one’s beliefs, or more generally on the subconscious mind, is one of the key elements to be able to generate profound changes in the life of each of us and to be able to solve all the limitations and problems that a person has.

When we are in a state of trance, in fact, it is possible to “introduce” into the subconscious mind what we want (such as new empowering beliefs) and this will have a much faster and more immediate effect on real life.

How and where to do hypnotherapy and meditation?

It is easy to find many people on the internet teaching you how to meditate yourself or how to do self-hypnosis. Although it is possible to learn how to do these things yourself, this is often not the best way.

There are many ‘pretenders’ who claim to have knowledge that they don’t have, and when you are not an expert in these matters, it is not always easy to know who to trust and who not to trust.

The solution to all this is to rely on professionals in this field, i.e. qualified people who practice these techniques at work and are therefore authoritative people who should be followed.

Do you want to solve your problems of excessive stress? Do you want to solve the problems of alcohol and smoking addictions? Or would you like to improve your work and sports performance through the use of these techniques? Well, you can do all this and much more at the Zen Hypnotherapy centre.

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You only have one life and it is the right of everyone to live a peaceful and happy life, realising their full potential. Choose to make a change for the better.

Written by: Luca Bettoni

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