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Audio hypnotherapy is a type of hypnotherapy that uses audio and visual stimuli to induce a hypnotic state. This can be conducted over the phone, but it can also be done in the form of a live audio or video session. There are many different forms of hypnosis and there are various schools of thought on how best to induce hypnosis, but all hypnotists typically agree on one thing: they use language as a stimulus to trigger the subconscious mind into entering into a trance state.


Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness that people experience when they are listening to a hypnotist. In this state, the person can achieve deeper levels of relaxation and focus than they would otherwise be capable of. It also acts as a gateway to access other parts of the mind that would normally be inaccessible to the conscious mind. The subconscious mind is in control of our automatic functions such as the beating of our heart, the digestion of food, and other important processes. It also houses many memories and emotions that we don’t normally have access to. The subconscious mind is often described as a “factory” which churns out thought after thought and action after action in an endless stream. By accessing your subconscious, you can get it to produce thoughts and actions that are beneficial to you. Specifically, you can access thoughts and feelings that are repressed because of a negative event or trauma. Being able to delve into the past is often very difficult for people because of the traumatic experience associated with it.

Once people achieve a state of hypnosis, they can access experiences that they usually cannot make themselves feel or think. This allows them access to liberate unconscious fears, grief, or even buried memories and emotions. But this process is not easy and it requires a great deal of concentration. This is why hypnosis is best conducted with a hypnotist that can help guide you through the process and keep you from getting distracted. The process of hypnosis often involves visualization, affirmations, focus on the subconscious, and other mental exercises. These are all designed to help the person achieve success in their quest.


Some people are skeptical of audio hypnotherapy because they expect it to be too powerful a tool to be used by someone without extensive training in hypnosis. Research has shown that hypnosis can be effective for overcoming a wide variety of afflictions, including:

* High blood pressure
* Smoking addiction
* Dealing with chronic pain and stress
* Regaining self-confidence and self-esteem

Many weight loss plans for example involve hypnotherapy to help the person achieve their goals. This is because successful weight loss depends largely on a person’s mind. If a person cannot believe that they are capable of losing weight and keeping it off, then the plan will fail. Hypnotherapists use hypnotic techniques such as visualization to help people achieve their weight loss goals by making them feel as if they are already living the life they want.


Audio hypnotherapy uses the same methods as any other form of hypnosis, but instead of using a hypnotist, it uses recordings. This means that rather than getting someone who is trained in the art of hypnosis to tune you into a trance and guide you to your subconscious, you can do it yourself. For example, if you wanted to lose weight and were looking for an effective way to do so, your first step would be adding some weight to your body by eating carbohydrates. Once the carbohydrates were added, you would enter a trance and access your subconscious. The subconscious would then receive this visual imagery of how you are eating and the feeling of fullness from the food. The subconscious mind will then learn to think of other ways you could lose weight that do not involve hamburgers and donuts. You might decide to start exercising more, or you might try an everyday change like going to bed earlier or taking a walk outside.

Audio hypnotherapy is used by many people as a form of weight loss help. By using audio hypnotherapy, you can use your mind to help yourself lose weight, and there are many different ways to use it.


There are many people who have had success with audio hypnotherapy. Some people believe that the process is too powerful to be utilized by someone who has not been trained in the art of hypnosis, but that is not necessarily the case. There are many people who have had success using audio hypnotherapy in their quest for mental health and weight loss benefits. Though there is always going to be some skepticism surrounding the practice, you should consider whether this may be something you would consider trying out for yourself. With proper training and guidance, audio hypnotherapy may be able to help you gain the weight loss benefits that you are looking for.

Audio hypnosis is a relatively new form of hypnosis. Audio hypnosis has been around for about 20 years, but the technology to make recordings has only been available for about 10 years. Prior to this, hypnotists would have to tune in a patient in person and give them a specific nudge into trance. Since people do not often listen to their own voice speaking in a recording format, it was considered too dangerous. The technology has changed radically since then, however. Recently, a series of audio hypnosis recordings were developed for the treatment of anxiety. These audios have proven to help people relax and better manage their anxiety and stress levels.

It is definitely possible to use audio hypnosis to achieve weight loss and mental health benefits. Audio hypnosis can be a useful tool for living a more relaxed and healthy life. If you are interested in using audio hypnotherapy, ask your doctor about the effectiveness of the technology, and contact an expert in the field to learn more. There are many forms of hypnosis, but audio hypnosis is one form that is especially popular with people who have trouble with self-hypnotization or who cannot reliably access the unconscious mind.