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Sports Performance Hypnotherapy & Virtual Steroid Hypnosis


Sports Perfomance Hypnotherapy works.  Professionals and amateur athletes around the world have been using this type of therap;y to get an extra advantage over competitors and even in an individuals personal performance, goals and achievements.  But every person and every sport is different – requiring the use of different skills, muscle groups, stamina and rules to reach your personal pinnacle of achievement.  Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand but when combined with training, dedication and honing skills is an effective method to get that extra 10%.

Many professional organisations and clubs onboard a hypnotherapist to assist their athletes overcoming fear and anxiety whilst assisting in the development of skill sets like focus, determination and dedication.  It is proven that there can be marked improvements in strength, endurance, muscle and much more.  Athletes like Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson endorse this type of program and attribute it with helping them reach the goals they strove for.

It can only be used in conjunction with previous training in that sport so that there is a point of reference.  So it is no use having hypnotherapy to improve your game of golf – if you  have never picked up a club.  Hypnotherapy can be a tool to improve performance in ones sport and it is 100% legal to do so.

Here at zenhypnotherapy we have many scripts available for sports but remember best results will be achieved when the scripts are tailored to your needs and the specific sport or position that you wish to enchance.  Below are some of the sports performance hypnosis sessions we cater for….

Menal Toughness – Achieve goals by reducing resilience to training avoidance or setbacks through things like injury promoting goal achievement faster.

Running Endurance – Break through the barriers or pain getting that second wind before the first one runs out.

Focus – Get in the zone allowing you to surpass your previous personal best performances and allaying any doubt you may have.

Mindset – Get that winning mindset, get used to the feeling of winning and it will become second nature to you.  Believe that you are what you project.

Golf and The Perfect Swing – You know what the perfect swing is having had many lessons but when you tee up you overthink it.  Allow the subconscious mind to take over, visualize the swing and your body will flow.

Golf and The Magic Putter – Get rid of the putting jitters and allow your unconscious mind to take over and believe that your put is going to drop.

Nerves – Get rid of pre-game and pre-comp nerves and change how your feel to one of desire to perform

Marital Arts – Subtle yet premissive hypnotherapy will give you heightened awareness acting with precision and timing.

Imagery – This hypnosis will allow your subconsicous mind to imagine your goal and how to achieve them

Tennis – Visualize Practicing that serve in Your session and playing that perfect lob and it will come naturally on the court.

There are scripts for Marathon Training and Competing, Running, EnduranceTraining, Bowling, Shooting, Sprinting, Chess, Archery.  In fact a script can be written for any sport you can imagine.


Body building hypnosis session is designed to make instant and positive change deep in your subconscious mind in order to help you to become bigger and stronger.


Body building hypnosis session is designed to make instant and positive change deep in your subconscious mind in order to help you to become bigger and stronger.


Establish a behavioral shift through relaxation and positive reinforcement that will enable you to take on the suggestion that you will be able to break through your training stumbling blocks and increase the weight and form in your weight lifting program.


Hypnosis can imporove your muscle strength and performance and is a tool often used that enables the mind to believe that further strength is achievable.  An example often used is the mother that lifts a car that is on her child displaying super human strength.  This is achieved when the subconsciour overides your mind.



This ia a hybrid program developed by Valerie Davis a Clinical Hypnotherapist at Zen Hypnotherapy.  As with all hypnotherapy a point of reference is required so it will work better on individuals that have used steroids in the past and experienced gains in strength, muscle and sports performance.  It can still be used with people that have not used it but believe that the use of perfomance enhancing substances will improve sporting performance.

This program should be individually tailored by first determining what results are desired, whether the participant is actually suitable for this type of hypnosis.  This is done by first filling out a questionaire, then a pre treatment interview and then finally the hypnotherapy after a tailored script is drafted.  Follow up sessions may be required after.


Virtual Steroid Hypnosis is a form of performance enhancement that uses the power of suggestion to improve athletic performance. Unlike traditional steroids, which are taken orally or injected, Virtual Steroids are taken by listening to a hypnotherapist or hypnosis recording.

The theory behind Virtual Steroid Hypnosis is that the mind is a powerful tool that can be used to improve physical performance. Harnessing the power of the mind can increase strength, endurance and overall athletic ability. Athletes have used virtual Steroid Hypnosis for decades, but it has only recently gained mainstream attention. Top athletes use Virtual Steroids to gain an edge over their competitors, and many have seen significant improvements in their performance.

Virtual Steroid Hypnosis may be worth a try if you are looking for a way to improve your athletic performance.


There are several potential benefits of Virtual Steroid Hypnosis, including:

1) Increased Strength and Endurance – The main benefit of Virtual Steroid Hypnosis is that it can help you to increase your strength and endurance. Using the power of suggestion, Virtual Steroids can help you push your body harder and for more extended periods.

2) Improved Athletic Performance – Virtual Steroid Hypnosis can also help you to improve your overall athletic performance. If you are looking for a way to take your game to the next level, Virtual Steroids may be able to help.

3) Faster Recovery from Injury – Another potential benefit of Virtual Steroid Hypnosis is that it can help you to recover from injury faster. Using the power of suggestion, Virtual Steroids can help your body heal more quickly.

4) Increased Confidence – In addition to the physical benefits, Virtual Steroid Hypnosis can also help you to increase your confidence. By believing in the power of suggestion, you can develop a mental edge to help you succeed in your chosen sport.

5) Better Sleep – Virtual Steroid Hypnosis can also help you to sleep better. Using the power of suggestion, Virtual Steroids can help you relax and fall asleep more easily.

6)Improved energy levels – This technique can also help to improve your energy levels. The recordings allow you to focus on being energetic and motivated, enhancing energy levels throughout the day.

7)Reduced stress – Listening to the recordings can also help to reduce stress. The relaxation techniques can help you feel more relaxed and less stressed, leading to improved overall health.

8)Overcomes fears- This technique can also help you to overcome any fears or anxieties that you may have. The method allows you to focus on positive thoughts and beliefs, which can help you overcome opposing thoughts or feelings.


There are several risks associated with Virtual Steroid Hypnosis, including:

1) Aggression – One of the most common side effects of Virtual Steroid Hypnosis is aggression. by using the power of suggestion, Virtual Steroids can make you more aggressive and likely to lash out.

2) High blood pressure – The use of Virtual Steroids can also lead to high blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure, you should avoid using this technique.

3) Confusion – Confusion is another common side effect of Virtual Steroid Hypnosis. Using suggestion can make it difficult to think clearly and make decisions.

Supplements to use with Virtual Steroid Hypnosis

Supplements can be used in conjunction with Virtual Steroid Hypnosis to improve results. Here are some of the most popular supplements to use:

1) Magnesium – Magnesium is a mineral that is essential for good health. It can be found in green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds. Magnesium supplements can help to improve sleep quality and reduce stress levels.

2) Melatonin – Melatonin is a hormone that is responsible for regulating sleep. It is present in foods such as tomatoes, bananas and white button mushrooms. You can also buy tablets and capsules containing melatonin.

3) Multivitamins – Multivitamins are a great way to ensure you get all the necessary nutrients. They can help to improve energy levels and reduce stress levels.


Virtual steroids hypnosis tricks your mind into believing that you are taking real steroids. This is done by making you think that you are taking a pill or using a gel or cream applied to your skin. Once you believe you are taking steroids, your body will respond accordingly and produce more testosterone. This increase in testosterone will lead to increased muscle mass and strength and improved stamina and recovery time. Virtual steroids hypnosis can effectively enhance your performance without the risks associated with real steroids.


Virtual steroid hypnosis is best used with a proper diet and training program. Virtual steroids will not be as effective if you are not eating and training properly. To get the most out of virtual steroids, you need to make sure that you are following a good diet and training regimen. Once you have those basics down, you can start using virtual steroids to take your performance to the next level.

Virtual steroids may be the answer if you want an edge over your competition or want to improve your performance. Just remember that they should only be used as part of a comprehensive plan that includes a healthy diet and exercise program. With proper use, virtual steroids can help you.

It is important to note that Virtual Steroid Hypnosis should only be used as an adjunct to training, not as a replacement. You should still focus on eating a healthy diet and getting enough rest and recovery.


The decision of whether or not to try Virtual Steroid Hypnosis is a personal one. If you want to improve your athletic performance, it may be worth a try. However, you should be aware of the potential risks before you begin.  Virtual Steroid Hypnosis is a common technique athletes use to improve their performance. It works by using the power of suggestion to make your body produce the same effects as if you were taking a real drug.

There are several potential risks associated with Virtual Steroid Hypnosis, including aggression, high blood pressure and confusion. You should also be aware that it is not a replacement for training and should only be used as an adjunct.