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Hypnotherapy Can Help With Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy Can Help With Weight Loss and is a treatment that relies on hypnosis as a tool to help individuals who need to reach a state of total relaxation in order to obtain a more open mind that is capable of making more considerable changes. For a long time, hypnosis has been one of the greatest tools for many therapists, as during sessions it is possible to make the mind of an individual focus and concentrate on mental imagery and verbal repetition. The reason why it is something that has been used since a long time ago is for the fact that these therapies have helped a lot of people who suffered from bad habits.

Nowadays, there might be more effective treatments or therapies available (depending on the situation), but there are some researches that have shown how hypnosis could be actually useful for those who are targeting weight loss.

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Due to the nature of the therapy, hypnosis can be an effective resource to aid those individuals who can not seem to stay attached to diet and exercise habits (which are vital for losing body weight). The idea is that the mind can be influenced via hypnosis to make it believe that habits like overeating are ineffective and should be disposed of. So, in simple words, hypnotherapy will help those who tend to be undisciplined or can not seem to build the ideal habits required for losing weight.

Through multiple analyses, it has been shown that hypnotherapy with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) results in a considerable reduction of body weight, but sadly, there is not enough research to support many statements about hypnotherapies. However, thanks to all the influence that is having in certain cases, the future is bright for alternative therapies like this one.


Not really, because this kind of therapy is usually more suitable for individuals with special circumstances or behaviors. For example, hypnotherapy should be considered for those who might want to lose weight but happen to face trouble sticking to a healthy diet or exercise program as they can not manage to shake off their negative habits. That is actually a wonderful scenario where hypnosis could turn the tables, as these negative habits could be considered as a sign of a subconscious problem, and hypnosis can actually help with these issues.

Hypnotherapies are excellent against subconscious problems like bad habits, addictions, and mixed emotions. That is why it is often recommended as it makes the mind of individuals believe that changing habits, adding new patterns, and healthy behaviors could be what is missing from their lives.

But there is something else, people who are actually looking to lose weight should be looking for more than one strategy. It might be true that hypnotherapy on its own is an effective tool and resource, but thanks to the nature of hypnosis, it is possible to combine it with other weight loss programs and strategies.


Absolutely not. Even if it is possible to do it on its own, it is recommended to combine hypnosis with other effective strategies and exercises that tend to work to lose body weight as these combined will manage to provide many benefits to both the body and mind of the individual. Those who are looking for fast results can not just rely on hypnotherapies as more approaches will be required, so it is always good to know that combining all kinds of unique and alternative strategies is possible.

For those who are currently visiting a doctor, it is recommended that they ask the doctor for references about nutritionists or other professionals who can help in the creation of an individual weight loss plan that could also be combined with hypnotherapy if possible. In this way, it will be possible to find a nutritious diet with an excellent exercise program and an alternative therapy that will enhance the results.


Those who are interested in learning more about hypnotherapy should actually try it by themselves. There is nothing to fear as, during these lessons, the therapist will begin with a proper explanation of how hypnosis work and what will be targeted in the session. Next, the personal goals will be discussed and out of nowhere, the therapist will begin speaking in a soothing, gentle voice that will relax the individual as it will establish a feeling of safety and comfort.

Once the mind has reached a receptive state of control and comfort, here is when the therapist could suggest that the patient changes their eating or exercise habits in order to achieve better results and accomplish all of the weight loss goals. It is common to hear the repetition of many words or phrases as these will help in this stage of the therapy.

The patient will do a considerable amount of work as mental imagery will be required as the therapist will help to visualize the completion of goals and established personal objectives. Finally, the session will be closed after the therapist helps bring the patient out of hypnosis to get back to the starting state. Keep in mind that the length and number of hypnotherapy sessions could drastically change depending on the individual goals, for some people it might be more, and for others, it could be less.


Trying to move the body with moderate activity for 75 to 150 minutes per week is ideal to build more stamina and resistance for other serious workouts or exercise programs. Also, try adding fruits and vegetables to the diet as these could curb the appetite and help the body enjoy the transition to healthy food.

Finally, consuming water is extremely important, and it is sad to see how many people tend to underestimate the results that can be obtained with just drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water per day, it should be something basic, but this habit is not being followed by many individuals.