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Quit Smoking Forever


You can Quit Smoking forever – I did with Hypnotherapy

This is quite personal and the initial reason why I became a hypnotherapist.

To help people quit smoking forever – I did.

Going back a few years now, I considered myself a social smoker. You know the kind that has one or two with a glass of wine, mostly bludging off friends and sometimes even strangers. Then when cigarettes got even dearer I would offer to buy one or two cigs from them so that I wasn’t bludging. Not long afterwards, I actually bought my own cigs and started smoking more regularly –  when I was stressed or when I was out with friends.


OMG who am I? I didn’t want to be a regular smoker. Smoking is frowned upon with smokers being treated as outcasts in today’s society as well as it being unhealthy and expensive.  I thought I could control the habit, but then the habit started to control me.

Ironically, social smoking is very unsocial.

Two things happened simultaneously for me to make the final decision to stop – I booked a trip to South America to do the 7 day hike to Macchu Picchu through the Andes which requires greater lung power up at ridiculous heights. I didn’t want to be a burden on my group of friends if I couldn’t do it AND I had to update my life insurance policy and saw that my premium was going to be much more expensive if I ticked the ‘smoker box’.

So I decided to quit. Tried patches, tried the Quit Line, tried cold turkey – none of it really worked for me so I googled Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy and after literally one session I have not wanted to go back to smoking. In fact, I’ve become one of those ex-smokers that can’t stand the smell anymore. I literally gag when I walk past a smoker.

Does quitting smoking by hypnotherapy work for everyone forever? No it doesn’t but it does work for most people if they are truly ready to give it up. You just need to want to be healthier, wealthier and wiser.

One session will take about 1.5 – 2 hours and you will be a non-smoker. My sessions are guaranteed.

How Does It Work?

Often a behaviour like picking up a cigarette and lighting it is done on auto pilot. We often don’t consciously think to do it – we just do. So when you are in a relaxed and mindful state (hypnosis) I talk to your subconscious and provide suggestions for you to apply for you to take on new habits in place of your automatic response to smoke. You literally walk out a non-smoker because that pathway to smoke is broken and new habits and thoughts are introduced as though you never smoked.

Give it a try but only if you are 100% ready to give it up.