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Relief from Anxiety and Stress

Relief from Anxiety and Stress

Today’s pressures and stresses are overwhelming for most people.

We have pressure to perform at work, to work full-time and manage a household and children. We have financial pressures to buy more ‘things’. Pressure to purchase a home and sustain a huge mortgage. Social Media tells us that everyone else is having a great life and we have to keep up or we’re failures and we are therefore unhappy.

Anxiety and Stress

We have internal pressures we put on ourselves to keep up with the Jones’, to succeed, to make money. We have external pressures from our boss, from traffic, from social media, from from friends and family. We are worried about the environment, we have navigated two years of isolation during a pandemic and war in Europe.

It’s no wonder many people are suffering from anxiety, stress and depression which there are various forms and degrees of severity.

How Does Hypnotherapy help in relief from Anxiety and Stress?

When we or any hypnotist places you in a state of hypnosis (a trance) we put you in a meditative state. You are relaxed and peaceful void, of anxiety and feelings of stress. It is in this trance-like state that we talk to your subconscious self to give you the tools to manage life when you are in the awake state.

Depending on the severity of your anxiety and/or stress level we would recommend four to eight sessions which last one hour each. We provide you with coping skills in between appointments too to help lessen your stress and to help manage your condition.

Hypnosis is great and together with Meditation you’ll feel much better able to deal with every day life.