Have you tried to stop smoking?

It is so difficult to stop smoking – Tobacco cigarettes and Nicotine, are the most addictive drugs.

How do you stop ?

I have never smoked, but i can without doubt recommend hypnotherapy. Why? I saw first hand a colleagues battle to stop smoking and his final choice was hypnosis. After more than 5 years he has not gone back to the terrible habit of smoking.

My first reaction was, mate you don’t look so well what’s wrong? He was suffering from withdrawal symptoms yet, Jonathon could not even touch a cigarette after he was programmed to dislike the site and smell of an every day cigarette.

After only a few days he was well on the way to recovery, and asking him only a few months ago, he said he still had not touched his cancer sticks. His choice as a father and the reprogrammed mind gave him no need to revert to bad habbits.

So now what is your choice?

You continue to try various forms of patches etc, how about adding an extra element, mind control.

This quick article will talk about the use of hypnosis to stop smoking. Smoking is notoriously challenging to stop, many people struggle with the strong desires, and the habit of smoking and enjoyment of cigarette smoking. On the other hand, after some aid from hypnosis things can be made much easier.

Stop smoking hypnosis may be used by all people, as long as the positive and pro-active plan is there – i.e. you should really want to give up, self-hypnosis can not be pushed upon someone, nor can it be used as an effortless tool – you still really need to want to change and put in some work yourself.

When used properly though, hypnotherapy can be a even more organic method to quit than the use of products such as the nicotine patch , though it may be beneficial to some people to combine them.

How Hypnosis Will Help

Hypnosis for smoking cessation works in several ways:

Primarily it assists by increasing your willpower and mental strength. It will help you stay strong against urges. This is the main benefit people use hypnosis for – to gain that advantage and that mental edge. Due to this it can be used as an “emergency” tool to use when you feel tempted

It helps you to stay logical, and to strictly think different about cigarette smoking. Rather then thinking of the rewards, or enjoyment of having a smoke you will begin to think more about the health effects, and the negatives of smoking. The more you alter your thinking in this way the easier it will be to quit.

The real edge of hypnosis though is that the more you listen, the more you will benefit – the more the hypnotic directions will penetrate into your mind and change your way of thinking.

Try a stop smoking hypnosis mp3 for yourself and gain an advantage towards quitting smoking like you wouldn’t believe!

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