What happens during a hypnotherapy session?

What happens during a hypnotherapy session?

At Zen Hypnotherapy the first hypnotherapy session is a pre-session and is FREE. It is approximately 30 minutes and used to talk about your goals and the processes by which you can be helped. You will be advised on the cost of the proposed session or programme at this time.

Once, we ascertain your goal is achievable through hypnotherapy and you are ready to commit to change we will set up an appropriate time to either meet face to face or via zoom again.  Note some initial consultations may reveal that your situation is not best served through hypnotherapy, and we may refer or advise you to seek alternative methods of treatment.  However, if you are deemed suitable for hypnosis, we will set up a session or programme of sessions to help you towards your goal/s.

During a hypnosis session, we will go through your goals and aspirations again in a comfortable and safe environment. Hypnotherapy involves repetitive verbal cues to help guide you into a trance-like state where we will work through ways to help you achieve certain goals, through visualisation and suggestibility.  You will leave feeling relaxed and with a positive vibe towards positive actions.

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