Sports Hypnosis Is Like Virtual Steroids

Sports Hypnosis Is Like Virtual Steroids

Can hypnosis help you perform better at sports and give you the advantage of Virtual Steroids? Yes, it can! Hypnosis can make you better and stronger at many physical and mental tasks.  Even if you feel confident, you probably still have psychological blocks that prevent you from performing at your body’s limits.

With sports hypnosis, you can feel fearless, tireless, and energetic just like you do when taking steroids. You won’t worry about losing or disappointing others. Better yet, you will have a level of concentration that you rarely achieved before. I have tried sports hypnosis as a sprinter, and it works better than any other trick or supplement I have tried. Nothing is more important than diet and training, but sports hypnosis still gives you a huge boost.

Sports Hypnosis Is Like a Legal Alternative to Steroids

Again, there is probably no supplement that can help you as much as a hypnotist can. Supplements do work – creatine builds muscle, and glycine improves your sleep quality and helps you recover faster. However, not even the best supplements make as much of a difference as sports hypnosis.

Virtual Steroids Hypnosis

Sports hypnosis works so well that the only thing you can compare it to is steroids. Many products claim to be a legal alternative to steroids, but they are rarely anywhere near as effective. Hypnosis is the closest thing to a legal alternative to steroids you can find anywhere.

Many people lose weight with hypnosis. Instead of using gastric band surgery to make them feel full with less food, they can use hypnosis to make them feel satisfied more easily.

Weight loss hypnosis is like a virtual gastric band; sports hypnosis is like virtual steroids. [] Hypnotism is a powerful and underrated tool for improving your life. Athletes, ordinary people that want to lose weight, and people with addictions should all try hypnosis.

Hypnosis Eliminates Negative Thoughts

Lots of recreational, semi-professional, and professional athletes experience negative thoughts. As you get better, so do the people you compete with, so the negative thoughts never fully go away. Even an Olympic champion who is about to win a gold medal or break a world record can experience negative thoughts before the event.

Being a successful athlete is largely about switching these negative thoughts off before the game or race. If negative thoughts are in your head while you are competing, this can affect your performance.

After sports hypnosis, these negative thoughts will decrease or disappear completely. Negative thoughts might be infrequent when you are training and impossible when you are competing. You will be amazed by how well you can perform after you take your first hypnosis session.

Hypnosis Works for Many Things

Hypnosis can help your body and not only your mind. Hypnosis goes beyond treating depression and anxiety. Hypnosis can help you change your body.

Hypnotism can help you lose weight.  A lot of your decisions are made in your subconscious, including the decision to eat too much. If your subconscious thinks you should always be eating, it is hard for your conscious mind to control the cravings.

A trained hypnotist can speak to your subconscious mind. This can allow you to make a behavioral change, such as eating less or quitting smoking, without nearly as much willpower. People can use hypnosis to break all sorts of addictions.

Hypnosis Is a Safe Way to Lose Weight

Many weight loss techniques and products can hurt you before they help you lose many pounds. A very restrictive diet, an overly harsh exercise program, or a weight loss drug may hurt you.  Sometimes, gentler and safer treatments aren’t effective. The more powerful treatments are sometimes dangerous, and the safer treatments are sometimes less effective. Hypnosis can help you lose weight without hurting you.

What Is a Virtual Gastric Band?

The virtual gastric band is a psychology-based weight loss program that helps you lose weight safely, without starving yourself, and without side effects. Instead of getting a gastric band surgical procedure that makes your stomach feel full faster), you can use hypnosis to get the same effect.

Both a surgical gastric band and weight loss hypnosis will make you feel full faster. The difference is that hypnosis is safer, cheaper, and less dramatic than surgery.

What a virtual gastric band can do for you is:

* Enable you to feel full after less food
* Make you enjoy food more by changing your brain’s response to food
* Prevent you from thinking about food often
* Allow you to lose weight without a dramatically different diet
* Get rid of bad habits, such as comfort eating and eating unhealthy snacks
* Allow you to lose weight without gaining it back and without much effort

Hypnosis Works Well for Sports Performance

Hypnosis can help already lean athletes just as much as it can help people trying to lose weight. Succeeding in sports is also about your subconscious mind. If you subconsciously believe you will lose, you won’t win against an equal opponent.  Virtual steroid treatments are the best legal and safe way to boost your sports performance beyond what nutrition, protein, and training can do. I have tried many things to improve my sprinting performance over the years and nothing helped me more than hypnosis.

Professional Athletes Use Sports Hypnosis

Wold-famous athletes such as Michael Jordan and Mike Tyson used hypnosis to get to the top in basketball and boxing. Nowadays, it is common for Olympic athletes to use sports hypnosis.  Sports hypnosis can make you significantly better, regardless of your skill level. People at the recreational, competitive, professional, and world champion levels benefit from sports hypnosis.

Sports Hypnosis Is Different for Each Sport

Someone who plays rugby needs a different hypnosis session than someone who plays golf. The golfer cannot play their game with anger and intensity – they have to be as calm as possible to win. Someone who plays hockey, football, or rugby has to be more intense and aggressive.  Sports hypnosis can also be different for two athletes that play the same sport. If you need more confidence, more pain tolerance, or the ability to get your confidence back after losing, a hypnotist can help you.

A good sports hypnotist will talk to you for a while before your first hypnosis session. They will figure out exactly what problems are preventing you from reaching the next level and help you overcome them.  Sports hypnosis is for everyone – it’s safe, it’s affordable, and it works. If there are no sports hypnotists near you, sports hypnosis can be done online.

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