Tag: <span>Sports Performance</span>

Tag: Sports Performance

How Does Sports Hypnosis Work?

What is Sports Hypnosis? Sports Hypnosis is the process of using hypnotherapy on athletes to improve their performance. It is generally known that athletes not only need to train their bodies but they have to mentally prepare as well. Gone are the days that hypnotherapy is considered as quackery, and looked upon as pseudo-science. Today, high-profile athletes such as Micheal Jordan, Tiger Woods, and even Kevn Mcbride, the boxer who defeated Mike Tyson in his last fight, use sports hypnosis. The golf master and champion Tiger …

How Do Virtual Steroids Work? A New Era in Performance Enhancement

Do Virtual Steroids Work? If you want to improve your muscle growth and definition, you might consider using virtual steroids. This alternative performance enhancing therapy is designed to replicate the effects of natural steroids without the adverse health side effects. Many people are looking for ways to increase their muscle mass whilst gaining that extra advantage in conjunction with the hard work. This is where virtual steroids come in. Virtual steroids is a form of hypnosis that makes your brain feel it is getting the added …